11 Social Media Marketing Tips For 2022

Starting social media marketing campaign in Kenya requires effective social media marketing tips carefully planned and ready to implement. Here are some pointers to help you get your campaign off to a great start!

1. Begin with a specific objective in mind.

The first successful social media marketing tips that has worked for many is to have a specific objective in mind. You must plan extensively before beginning a social media campaign. You must first decide on the campaign’s major (and secondary) objectives. After that, you must determine how you will evaluate whether the campaign has met its objectives. Lead generation, direct sales, and improved brand or product recognition are all frequent objectives for social media marketing.

2. Perform a Research On Your Competitors

Researching your competitors is an important step that many marketers overlook when it comes to social media marketing, but it’s one you don’t want to overlook. It can inform you what your competitors are doing well. You may then utilize that information to enhance and inform your own efforts.

You may look at how the competition deals with different themes and what kind of material they provide, for example. What are the most popular posts? You can also observe when they publish, how frequently they submit information, and even the tone in which they write. Are they aggressively marketing or offering a small push on their campaigns?

3. Plan Your Approach

Create a strong plan for your campaigns before you do anything else. Although strategy might grow complicated, it is best to start with the fundamentals.

First, decide on your campaign’s aim. Do you want to establish an online community, get more leads to your site, or promote your blog, for example?
Choose the metrics you’ll track next. Let’s say you wish to increase the number of visitors to your website.

4. Use a variety of content types to promote a single message.

In the previous stage, you should have determined the messaging you wish to utilize. You’ll now experiment with other forms for delivering that message, such as infographics, videos, and blog posts, to determine what works best.

You might, for example, use each of these media formats to advertise a single product. See how your audience reacts to different forms and continue to use them while focusing on the ones that work best for you.

5. Find a balance between promotional and non-promotional content.

Because of Facebook’s new algorithm, this balance is very crucial. People will lose interest in you and quit following you if you just publish promotional stuff on social media. If you exclusively share non-promotional information on social media, you won’t achieve the outcomes you want.

As a result, include material from outside sources in your feed (content not written by you). Example, Repost the best-performing material from a credible media source in your sector. As a result, your consumers will see material they would not have seen, and you will have the opportunity to network with other industry professionals.

6. Share UNIQUE, trending content

Another social media marketing tips you should consider is to find popular subjects or techniques and give them your own distinctive spin. If many marketers are pushing a certain product, write about the different products in the same category and outline merits and demerits of each, that way you’ll find customers engaging with you and wanting to find out more.

You, your business, and your product are unique, so don’t market content that is cookie-cutter.

7. If You Have a Website, Don’t overlook social SEO.

Each social media platform has its own search engine, which allows users to look for intriguing subjects. Make a list of keywords you’d like to rank for on social media through your website before launching your campaign, and then include those keywords in your campaign postings.

8. Influencers may help you expand your reach.

A trustworthy, authoritative voice on a specific issue is known as an influencer. People in a given business who have amassed big and devoted social followings are known as social media influencers. Make a list of industry influencers that might be able to assist you spread the news about your social media campaign before you begin it. Even one influential person can help you reach tens of thousands of people.

Before contacting the influencer, make sure you have your best pitch ready for why your campaign would benefit his or her audience.

9. Each campaign should have its own hashtag.

On Instagram and Twitter, hashtags are quite powerful. They can help you increase engagement and, more importantly, track the effectiveness of your initiatives.

You can measure interaction and user-generated content more simply if you create a unique, branded hashtag for your brand and certain campaigns, even if people don’t remember to mention your brand explicitly in their postings.

10. Perform a Performance Analysis

Just because your campaigns are running or have ended does not imply the effort is over. Analyzing the success of your campaign on a regular basis while it proceeds and assessing it thoroughly once it’s over is one of the social media marketing tips. You can learn a lot about what went well and what didn’t.

This research also allows you to determine the most effective marketing material. Then you may reschedule or repurpose it to make it run again so as to Increase your outcomes and maintaining the momentum.

11. Repeat

Each and every campaign requires persistence and aggression. So once completed you should keep taking all these steps differently and eventually you’ll attain a successful social media marketing campaign.

It’s time to follow up with all of your new connections when your social media campaign is over. You were probably reacting to tweets, posts, and other updates in real time during the campaign’s lifespan; but, maintaining a long-term connection with contacts necessitates following up days, weeks, months, and years later.

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